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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on your Prescriptions


Too often, a trip to the pharmacy can end up draining your wallet. Continue reading for three simply ways you can save money on your prescriptions!


Request generic or low-cost drugs. When writing your prescriptions, physicians might not always consider your budget…and will promote the name-brand drugs (which are typically the most expensive.) While generic drugs aren’t always available, it’s still important to stress to your physician that the cost of medication is important to you, and you would prefer the lowest-cost drug available.


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Access a mail-order pharmacy. When you pay for your prescriptions at a pharmacy, you are also paying for the pharmacy’s overhead costs. Mail-order pharmacies exclude these additional costs, therefore saving you money on your prescriptions! They’re also a convenient solution if you don’t have time to visit the pharmacy before or after work.


Use your Benefits Plus® membership! Did you know that a Benefits Plus® membership will enable you to save up to 30% at pharmacies across the country? Simply take your prescription to a participating pharmacy, show your Benefits Plus® membership card, and enjoy a discounted prescription price for you and your entire family!

Click here to learn about even more savings with Benefits Plus®, or visit your nearest SeaComm branch location to upgrade your checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking!


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