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4 Ways You Can Support Small Businesses in Your Community


Small businesses are integral to a healthy and thriving economy. Continue reading to discover four ways you can support the small businesses in your local community!



Word-of-mouth. Have you had a positive experience while shopping at a local business, or while being served at your small town diner? Then be sure to tell your friends and family about it! You should also consider leaving a positive review on the establishment’s social media, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, or other customer review sites.



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Use small businesses for your holiday shopping. By choosing to shop at local businesses this holiday season, you will help to keep money in your community. When you shop at a Mom-and-Pop business over a big box store, you’ll likely find special things you won’t find elsewhere!



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Share small business content on social media. Do you have a favorite small business that you follow on social media? Then be sure to “like” and “share” their posts! Not only will this show your support for their business, but it might also encourage your friends and family to pay them a visit.



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Participate in Small Business Saturday 2019. Every time you pick up a coffee at the corner shop, grab lunch at your favorite local spot, or buy gifts online from your neighborhood boutique – you are helping to boost small businesses! On November 30, 2019, communities will celebrate “Small Business Saturday,” which encourages holiday shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local. Show your support for small businesses on this day, and every day!



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