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Five Things We Buy and Never Use


Not every purchase makes solid economic sense. Think twice before you buy these five things…


filing cabinet.jpg

Filing cabinets. This is a great purchase to help you declutter – but very rarely do people follow-through with the “filing” component of a filing cabinet. Now that so much of what once was paperwork can be accessed digitally…you can forego this purchase!




Expensive exercise equipment. Often, expensive machines end up as nothing more than a glorified clothes rack, taking up space. But if you have your heart set on a treadmill or elliptical…buy used! Used equipment will double as a clothes rack just as well as new equipment…and you’ll pay a fraction of the price.




Cookbooks. While cookbooks are nice to refer to from time to time…almost every single recipe can be found online, for free. Save your money and find your favorite recipes on the internet.


sporting equipment.jpg

Specialized sporting equipment. The costs of sporting equipment can really add up – even though it’s only used for part of the year! Before you invest hundreds into equipment like golf clubs, life jackets, skis and more…check your local sporting goods store to inquire about renting, or ask friends and family to lend you their hand-me-downs!


Souvenirs. Who needs a souvenir mug or refrigerator magnet? Instead of wasting money on trinkets, purchase a few inexpensive treats that you can enjoy, later! But the best souvenirs are your photos and memories…which are also the cheapest!

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