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How to Throw a Halloween Party on a Budget

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Are you planning a Halloween party this year? Whether it’s for adults or children, these five tips will help you have fun for less. Continue reading to learn more…


Search for free printable invitations. Instead of purchasing invitations at the store, you can find them for free online! If you don’t own a color printer, your local library is sure to have one.


Visit your local dollar store. The local dollar stores are filled with seasonal items, all of which can be purchased for only one dollar. There, you’ll find table décor, paper products, confetti, and more. If there’s something in particular you aren’t able to find at the dollar store, try making it yourself!


Make it a potluck. Let your guests get in on the fun by making it a potluck. You can assign easy-to-bring items like appetizers, drinks, plates and napkins. These are easy for your guests to buy if they don’t want to prepare anything, and as the host – you can provide the main course.

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Select a signature drink. Look online for the perfect signature drink for your party, and offer that along with water and soda. This way, you won’t be expected to prepare an obscure beverage upon request, which will save you money at the end of the day!

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Make one of these budget-friendly recipes. We’ve found a list of 44 Halloween party snacks that will make everyone scream…with joy! Click here to learn more, and get cooking!

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