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Four Ways to Spend Less Time and Money on School Lunches


Do you want to save more money on your family’s school lunches? We’ve gathered four ways you can save time and cut the costs…continue reading and start saving!


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Plan ahead. When you’re planning your weekly shopping lists, keep an eye out for sales on the items you know your family will eat and love. Rather than making multiple trips to the grocery store, make your first trip the only trip…and make it count!


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Turn your dinner extras into lunch. Using your leftovers as school lunches is a fool-proof way to save money. You should always prepare more for dinner…knowing that you’ll be able to spend less time in the morning creating another school lunch.


Use reusable lunch containers. Instead of purchasing disposable zip-top bags, paper bags and plastic water bottles…invest a small amount of money in reusable containers. The cost of disposable items always adds up, because you have to constantly buy more!

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Keep it simple. While some parents love to create fancy lunches…most don’t have the time. To save yourself both time and money, stick to the basics. Sandwiches, veggies and grains are inexpensive and healthy options. Here are even more simple school lunch ideas to be enjoyed for under $1!

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