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4 Tips to Winterize Your Home on a Budget


Preparing your home for winter doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve put together four simple ways you can winterize your home on a budget – continue reading to find out what they are!


Improve your insulation. Most people don’t realize that insulation deteriorates over time. When the cooler months arrive, you should consider adding more material to your attic. Some other places to add insulation are in crawl spaces and exposed areas of decks.

You should also invest in caulk, to seal your windows. Caulking needs to be replaced periodically, but it works efficiently to keep cold air from coming in, and warm air from escaping!


Clean out your gutters. By the end of fall, your gutters might be packed with leaves and debris. Once winter arrives, this excess material can result in ice dams, which have been known to cause damaged shingles, roof leaks, and broken gutters.

door snake.jpg

Purchase door snakes for leaky doors. The base of a door lets in a lot of cold air. The best way to keep the cold air out? Use a door snake! This is just a piece of foam wrapped in fabric, that covers the inside and outside of your exterior doors. While some are filled with rice, the foam door snakes are usually more effective as they stick to the base of the door.



Replace your furnace filter. As winter approaches, it’s important to prepare your heater for the colder weather. Switching out your filter will create a more efficient furnace by lowering energy costs and preventing breakdowns. Click here for some simple tips to help you replace your furnace filter!

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