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4 Reasons a Personal Loan is Right for You

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There are plenty of reasons to take out a personal loan. If you find yourself needing funds to cover an expense, whether it’s planned or not, a personal loan could be your best option. Here are four reasons it could be right for you…


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Consolidate debt. Do you have annoying credit card debt that just won’t seem to go away? A personal loan can take care of that. When you apply for a personal loan with SeaComm to use for debt consolidation, you’re combining all of your outstanding balances into one convenient, monthly payment. This makes it easier to work out a time-frame to pay off your debt, without feeling overwhelmed.



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Cover wedding expenses. Whether it’s your own wedding or one you are attending…the costs can really add up. Consider using a personal loan to help you cover the costs of decorations, wedding attire and food…or hotel stays, travel expenses and gifts!




Take a vacation. Just as personal loans can help pay for life events, they can also be used to help you travel and relax. No matter what the occasion (honeymoon cruise, cross-country road trip, ski vacation), a personal loan with SeaComm can help you fund your dream vacation!




Pay for moving costs. Let’s face it – relocating isn’t cheap. The funds from a personal loan can help pay for moving household belongings, purchasing furniture for a new home, or transporting a car across the state or country.


To apply for a personal loan with SeaComm, visit your nearest SeaComm branch location or give us a call at (800) 764-0566 – we are happy to assist you!

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