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5 Secrets to Sell Your Home Faster


Are you hoping to sell your home, or has it just crossed your mind? We’ve uncovered 5 secrets to help you attract buyers and speed up the process! Continue reading to learn more…

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Take great photos. According to the 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 44% of recent buyers started their search online! If your photos don’t showcase the best parts of your home, potential buyers might overlook it. Be sure to capture the most attractive qualities of the house – especially those that have made you happy to live there.


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Remove clutter. Think of the saying “less is more.” Nothing turns off buyers more than a cluttered home. You should remove knickknacks from all surfaces, and embrace the minimalist approach to décor!


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Depersonalize the home. You should remove all your family photos and memorabilia before an open house. This strategy will enable the buyer to see the house as a home for their family, not yours. You should also remove religious and political items, as well as figurines and children’s art pieces…as these items mark the house as your territory, rather than neutral territory.



Set the right price. No seller wants to take a loss on their home, but the strategy of setting an obscenely high price with the idea that you can come down later doesn’t usually work. Buyers (and their agents) know what your home is worth before viewing it! A home that’s obviously overpriced in the beginning will likely stay on the market much longer, because buyers tend to assume there must be something wrong with it.


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Spread the word. Your neighbors and friends are the best salespeople! Make sure they know your home is on the market, and invite them to your open house. You should also share your listing on social media, as well as Facebook groups and neighborhood email lists.



Once you’ve started the process of selling your home, you’ll also want to begin your search for a new living space. SeaComm’s experienced mortgage originators are here for your financing needs! Click here to schedule a mortgage consultation, or give us a call at (800) 764-0566!

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