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What Are the Advantages of Share Certificates?


A Share Certificate is a great tool for earning interest on your money. Continue reading to learn a few ways you can benefit from this flexible investment!


Flexible terms. As the investor, you can be sure about getting a specific return at a specific time. You will be able to easily determine the rate at which your balance will grow, thus making your financial planning even easier!


Better return than savings accounts. Since the certificate holder is not able to withdraw money liberally, like regular savings account holders, a certificate is often more valuable to the financial institution. For this reason, the interest rate offered with a certificate is generally higher than a traditional savings account…which provides you with an opportunity to earn more for your money!


Access to Enhanced Loyalty Rewards. As a SeaComm member, you have a chance to receive additional basis points on certificates and Fixed IRAs by meeting certain criteria; one year membership, one loan product, enrolled in eStatements, member for 5-9 years, and more! Rewards are based on services used and length of membership. In addition, all veterans also earn an additional .15 basis points. Click here to learn more, or give us a call at (800) 764-0566.

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