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Four Tips to Help Declutter Your Home


Don’t feel defeated about the idea of decluttering your home. Continue reading to discover four easy tips that will help you simplify and clean your living space!


Set goals. Are you trying to clean out a particular closet, room, or your entire house? Before you begin, it’s important to make a plan. No matter how many rooms or how much clutter you have to sort through, starting with particular goals will help you create a plan and reduce frustration as you go!


Start with smaller projects. Instead of going all in, all at once, create a timeline for what you would like to accomplish. You can commit to decluttering a particular space one week, and moving on to another space the following week. This tactic will allow you to make progress, without burning yourself out!


Create a sorting system. As you declutter your home, you will need a system for sorting the items you find. You can create your own method, or you can use one of the most efficient decluttering tips: the “Three-Box Method.” This method enables you to make a decision item by item, so you don’t end up with a big mess. Separate items into three categories; keep, toss and storage. After you have sorted through everything, you will know the fate of each item!


Recycle. Be sure to set aside any recyclable glass, plastics and paper. Put these recyclables in bags so you can transport the waste to the nearest recycling drop off location. You can also visit your local bottle redemption center to cash-in on your recyclable bottles and cans!

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