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5 Smart Ways to Save Yourself Time

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Time is money! You can’t change the number of hours in a day, but you can fill them more efficiently. Continue reading to learn five ways you can save time…


Prioritize your day. Do you have daily tasks at work or at home that need to be completed on a regular basis? Give yourself a daily to-do list so that nothing is forgotten! You should also make every “trip” count. When picking the children up from school or traveling to a specific part of your town, include a few necessary errands to save you a trip!


Keep a calendar. Blocking out time for specific tasks and/or events provides structure, and gives you micro-deadlines to encourage efficiency! Use the calendar app on your smartphone to help you forecast and plan out your days.

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Meal prep. Meal plans save time because you don’t have to open the cupboards each day and decide what to cook, or take additional trips to the store for food items you may have forgotten to pick up! Whether you are cooking for one or an entire household – planning out your meals each week will save you time, money, and help you avoid the fast-food drive thru!


Turn off social media. Before you know it, an hour has passed and all you’ve done is scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed! When you’re at work or attempting to get things done around the house, social media will only distract from your progress.


Delegate. Don’t try to be a martyr when it comes to housework – you don’t have to do it all yourself! Invite your family to help out when you could use the extra teamwork…you’ll accomplish your tasks faster, and enjoy a cleaner home!

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