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Cheap Ways to Stay Cool this Summer


Air conditioners suck up a lot of energy, and therefore, inflate your electricity bill. The 5 ideas below, however, will help keep your temperature down without sending your energy bill up!


Open your windows at night. Opening your windows on a summer day will just make your house hotter. Instead, wait until the evening, to let the cool air in.



light colors.jpg

Wear light colors. Light colors will reflect light instead of absorbing it, like dark colors do. You should also wear the right fabrics, like loose cotton and linen to help keep you cool!


Don’t use the oven. Using the oven can drastically increase the heat in your kitchen. Instead, plan for meals that only require the stove top. Use the nice weather as an excuse to cook your meals outside, on the grill!


Use your fans right. In the summer, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to push air down to the floor. The cool air will evaporate perspiration and create a wind chill effect – making you feel cooler! If your fans are spinning counterclockwise, you should feel air movement while standing under the fan. If you do not feel air movement, the fan is spinning clockwise.


Don’t blast the AC. Setting your air conditioner at 76 degrees instead of 70 degrees could decrease your monthly energy bill. But if 76 degrees sounds too warm to you, don’t worry – when it’s 90 degrees or hotter outside, 76 will feel sufficiently cool!

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