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Four Ways to Celebrate July 4th on a Budget

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Independence Day is coming up in just a few days…what are your plans? It’s a day, for many, where you celebrate with family and friends! Continue reading to discover four ways you can celebrate this fun holiday on a budget…




Host a potluck party. You shouldn’t have to cover the entire cost of food and beverages. Invite friends and family over for festivities – and ask them to share the cost by bringing a dish to pass!




Take advantage of free, community events. Check the local newspapers and online for fireworks shows, festivals, and parades! Pick up some ice cream and have a budget-friendly night to remember.  




Try one of these 50 cheap recipes for the 4th of July! The list includes watermelon juice, grilled chicken, cilantro lime coleslaw, BBQ sweet corn and more – courtesy of!




Have some backyard fun. Avoid the entrance fees at the beach and create your own 4th of July “oasis” in the backyard! Set up yard games, turn on your party playlist and end the night with sparklers.




Take a hike or go camping. And remember – always borrow before you buy! Check with family or friends first to see if you can borrow something that you’ll only need for the weekend, before you consider buying it. Click here to read our recent blog article for more budget-friendly camping tips!

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