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Four Easy Ways to Invest Your Money


Growing your savings account balance can be as simple as sitting back and letting your money work for you – as long as you have the right tools in place. Continue reading to learn 4 simple ways you can boost your savings potential at SeaComm!


Regular Savings. SeaComm opens this account for you as a membership requirement when you join. Simply deposit and keep at least $5.00 in your account, and you may apply for all of the other services we offer! With a Regular Savings, you’ll have access to your account with an ATM or debit card. You’ll also enjoy competitive dividend rates!


Money Market. A money market account allows you to earn a higher yield on your funds, while still having flexible availability when the funds are needed. Unlike a Savings Bond or CD, money market accounts have no maturity date, and you can access the funds at any time, without a penalty! Dividends are paid to you on a tiered basis with a minimum deposit requirement of $100. Click here to learn more or speak with a SeaComm representative at (800) 764-0566.


Share Certificate (CD). Some savers prefer short-term maturity with investment flexibility, while others prefer to deposit their funds for a longer term to optimize dividends. SeaComm’s Certificates provide an excellent way to maximize dividends while investing funds for a fixed period of time!

You can select a SeaComm Certificate with the term that will meet your individual needs and earn a competitive dividend rate. You’ll be able to invest the dividends earned during the term of the certificate – so you actually earn dividends on your dividends! Or, if you prefer, you may choose to have the dividends transferred to your savings account on a monthly basis or at maturity. Click here to learn more!


Individual Retirement Account (IRA). There are plenty of reasons to consider opening an IRA with SeaComm!

  1. No minimum balance is required to open an IRA, and there are no monthly fees.
  1. In both Roth and traditional IRAs, the investments grow tax-deferred, which means that you owe nothing on your gains as long as the money remains in the IRA.
  1. IRAs allow individuals to contribute up to $5,500 per year, in addition to what you’re already contributing to a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plans.
  1. Although you shouldn’t withdraw money from an IRA before you retire, the IRS does allow individuals to take out money before the age of 59 ½ to pay for necessary expenses.

Are you interested in boosting your savings potential with any of these four options? Call us at (800) 764-0566 or visit your nearest SeaComm branch location, today!

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