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Summer Car Safety Tips


Summer’s high temperatures present some challenges to vehicle performance and maintenance. Continue reading to discover four tips to help you avoid car trouble this season!



Make sure your battery is prepared for warmer temperatures. Believe it or not, the summer heat can have more of a negative impact on your battery than freezing winter temperatures! Heat is a car battery’s worst enemy, often leading to internal breakdown and eventual failure. On your next visit to the dealership or mechanic, have a professional look at your battery to ensure it’s prepared for a hot summer!


Keep your tires properly inflated. Driving on under-inflated tires can cause tires to overheat and increase the likelihood of a blowout, especially when road temperatures are extremely high. You should check your car’s tire pressures at least once a month, because tires typically lose about one pound of pressure per month through normal leakage.


Make sure the fluids are at appropriate levels. When fluid levels are low, their cooling effect is reduced, which increases the chances of overheating. Be sure to periodically check all vehicle fluids, including motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid, to ensure they are at adequate levels.


Be prepared. In the event that you experience a breakdown, you should always carry a car safety kit! The kit should include water, non-perishable food items, jumper cables, a flashlight with extra batteries, road flares and a first aid kit.


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