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5 Ways to Get Fit for Free


Don’t drain your wallet on expensive memberships and specialized equipment…check out these five ways to get fit on a budget!

workout video.jpg

Take advantage of free workout videos. These routines give you a lot of flexibility, as you can do them virtually anywhere in your home – without expensive equipment or a gym membership!



Get outdoors. Instead of sitting on the couch…take a walk around the neighborhood or go for a hike. Walking and running outdoors are free activities, and great ways to get into aerobic shape!



Take the stairs. Do you have the choice between stairs and an elevator? Opting to take the stairs for just a few minutes per day helps promote a fit lifestyle!



Do more housework. Chores like vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning windows, scrubbing the floors and more lead to impressive calorie burning…and a cleaner home!



Make it fun. Do you enjoy sports like football, soccer, or basketball? What about other outdoor activities like kayaking, canoeing, and swimming? Spending your time taking part in fun activities with friends and family are great ways to live a fit lifestyle!

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