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Four Reasons to Shop Local


By choosing local and independent businesses, you not only enjoy a more personal experience, you strengthen your community! Here are four good reasons to shop local…

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Help create jobs in the community. The money you spend at local retailers goes back into your community. When you make purchases at small businesses, you enable them to grow and hire more employees, thus creating more jobs and helping the local economy thrive!

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Keep your tax dollars local. Why pay to support public services in a town hundreds of miles away, or in another country? Let your hard-earned tax dollars serve your own community by shopping at local, small businesses. The money you spend at these local establishments will go toward better schools, libraries and parks – all in your own neighborhood!

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Find unique items and gifts. Skip the overrated items at huge chain stores and try to find gifts for everyone at local stores. You will likely find an array of unique and durable items that will make the perfect gifts for your family and friends!


Small businesses give back to the community. Whether it’s a local business that sponsors a Little League team, or an establishment that raises money for a local charity – small businesses play a key role in supporting community causes! When you make the decision to shop local, you’re enabling small businesses to continue supporting community charities.

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SeaComm prides itself on being a community-oriented organization, committed to the credit union philosophy, “People Helping People.” The support we lend to local organizations strengthens the neighborhoods we serve – which wouldn’t be possible without our devoted members! Click here to learn about our most recent volunteer efforts and financial contributions.

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