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4 Tips for Buying a Car

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Congrats – you’re ready to purchase your next vehicle! Now what? Continue reading to learn four helpful tips that will help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.



Know your budget. Don’t start hunting for your dream car until you’ve worked out a realistic budget. Be sure to consider what you’re able to pay each month, as well as a down payment, and the estimated trade-in value of your current vehicle!

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Create a wish list. Do you want a Backup camera? What about a car that has four-wheel drive? List all of the capabilities you would like in your next vehicle, and let SeaComm’s online auto buying center, Garage Gizmo, steer you in the right direction! Come up with a wish list of specifications that you would like your next vehicle to have, and begin your search by making these items a priority.

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Research your options. Once you’ve determined your budget and know what you want in your next vehicle – you can then research and make a selection! Through Garage Gizmo, you’re able to find your next vehicle at a local dealership, while narrowing down your search by vehicle type, make, model, year, color and more. You may also search through vehicle inventory by payment amount, making it easier for you to stay within budget. Click here to get started!

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Make it official. Once you have taken the vehicle for a test drive and feel that you are satisfied – it’s time to make it official! Be sure to read through all documents carefully, and head to your nearest SeaComm branch to seal the deal. Have questions regarding a new or used auto loan? Give us a call at (800) 764-0566 and we would be happy to help!

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