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4 Ways to Enjoy Camping on a Budget


Camping is not only a great way to get outdoors, but it’s also a fantastic way to go on a budget-friendly vacation. Continue reading to learn four ways you can enjoy camping without spending too much money.


Location, Location, Location. Why pay a fee when you can camp for free? Find a campground that will allow you to pitch a tent or park your RV at no cost. Sites like or are great for locating these free campgrounds!


Rent or borrow your gear. Are you a frequent camper? If not, it doesn’t make sense to invest big bucks on specialized equipment that you’ll rarely use. Check with friends and family for camping equipment you can borrow. You can also check with a nearby state park or sporting goods shop for renting equipment!

pots and pans.jpg

Check your home for supplies before you buy more. There are numerous items to take on a camping trip that can be found at home. This includes pots, pans, cups and glasses, silverware, pillows, flashlights, extra batteries and more!


Skip the complex meals. There’s no need to bring along a week’s worth of groceries for a weekend of camping. Enjoy simple, budget-friendly meals like hotdogs, hamburgers, corn, and other food items that can be cooked over a fire with aluminum foil or a pot and pan. Looking for quick snacks while enjoying the great outdoors? Trail Mix is a great choice, as it’s cheap and light-weight. Click here for a list of more easy-to-make campfire meals!

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