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5 Budget-Friendly Graduation Gifts



Graduation season is a fun and exciting time for the graduate and their families, but it can also be expensive! If you have an upcoming graduate in your family or circle of friends, consider these five inexpensive gift ideas that they’re sure to love…


Kitchen supplies. Help the new graduate out by giving them a collection of kitchen supplies and utensils! The contents will vary depending on whether they are moving to an apartment, house or dorm. You can include inexpensive small appliances, such as a toaster or hot plate, and even throw in some pots and pans.




Tools. Even a recent graduate who might not be very handy can still benefit from having a tool kit. You can purchase a toolbox with contents already assembled, or put together your own! Some essentials include: hammer, Flat-head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and measuring tape.




Planner. Almost everyone would find a planner to be useful, especially a recent graduate! This inexpensive gift idea could be paired with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, preferred eatery, or even a SeaComm Prepaid Visa Gift Card!




Toiletries. Assemble a bathroom tote that includes necessary items like wash cloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, tissues, razors and more. While this gift idea won’t cost you much, it will surely come in handy!



care package.jpg

Care package. Household items aren’t the only things you can include in a care package…for college bound seniors, you could assemble a tote with miscellaneous school supplies like notebooks and pens, along with late-night snacks such as Ramen noodles and chips!

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