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4 Ways to Spring Clean on a Budget


It’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home. Follow these four tips and tricks to help you clean on a budget!


Try DIY cleaners. Don’t bother spending loads of money on branded cleaners, when you already have what is needed at home! Most cleaners require these staple ingredients: water, bleach or vinegar. Not only will these cleaner alternatives be helpful to your wallet, but they are also less toxic for you and the environment. Click here for 27 recipes for DIY spring cleaning!



Recycle and repurpose. Spring cleaning shouldn’t empty your wallet, so don’t waste money on expensive tools, rags or mops. For example, you can use items like dryer sheets to clean appliances like TV’s and computer screens, or make your own dish rags out of old t-shirts (instead of spending money on paper towels!) Click here to read our recent blog post on tips for repurposing and reusing other household items!


steam cleaner.jpg

Borrow cleaning gear and equipment. There’s no need to purchase a pressure washer or steamer that you’ll barely use. You can easily ask your family, friends or neighbors to lend you some of their gear…or you can even opt to rent it from a local store!


fresh air.jpg

Don’t forget about the air. There’s no greater feeling than walking into a home that smells fresh and clean. Be sure to check the air filters in your air conditioner, fans, and other vents to make sure that your home isn’t being filled with dust filled air. On a nice day, open the windows on all floors of your home to let that fresh breeze in, and get rid of any stale air!

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