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4 Items You Should Be Reusing


In honor of Earth Day, we’ve researched and found 4 ‘disposable’ items that you shouldn’t be throwing away! Instead, continue reading to learn ways you can re-purpose and reuse, and maybe even save some money in the process.

glass jars

Glass jars, containers and cans. While glass and metals can be easily recycled, why not cut down on waste by reusing them? Items like mason jars and old coffee canisters work great for storing spices, seeds, nails and screws, buttons etc. You can even take up the budget-friendly hobby of canning food and sauces, and use the leftover jars as your containers!


Clothes, towels or bedding. Don’t toss out these fabric items…instead, cut them up into washable cleaning rags! You can also use leftover materials as beach or picnic blankets, cushion covers, or even quilts (if you’re talented with a sewing machine!) And as always, it’s important to consider other people and organizations before you discard of anything. Be sure to contact your local SPCA or animal shelter to see if they may be able to reuse them as animal bedding!

plastic bags.jpg

Plastic bags. These take years and years to break down – so it’s imperative that you don’t throw them away! Instead, bring them along with you on each trip to the grocery store, and let the cashier know that you’ve brought your own. Plastic bags can also be used to store your lunch while at work!


Newspapers and magazines. Do you have more paper than you can handle? There are lots of great ways to re-purpose all the excess paper in your life! If you have a paper shredder, you can use the shreds in place of foil paper, for gifts. You should also consider using leftover paper as a compostable seed pot, when starting your garden this spring!

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