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3 Money Tips for Children

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It’s never too early to begin teaching your children about money. Continue reading for 3 simple tips to help them achieve a bright financial future!

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Start with a piggy bank. A piggy bank is a great way to encourage your children to save, while giving them an easy way to do it. Instruct them to save and collect coins or their allowance, and apply it to the piggy bank until it’s completely full! Once it’s full, they can deposit the money at SeaComm and watch their savings grow!

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Open a Moola Moola Youth Account. Teach your kids that saving can be fun with a SeaComm Moola Moola Account! Your child will receive quarterly statements, have online access to their account, and even earn dividends on balances over $5. This exposure to finance will help to prepare them for money management throughout adulthood! In addition, children who are SeaComm members may take advantage of the Spin-the-Wave program – which allows them to spin the wheel for prizes, as a reward for good grades! To learn more, click here.


Create a timeline with specific goals. If your child receives an allowance or earns money, talk with them about a financial goal they would like to reach. How much money would they like to save? Is there something in particular they would like to buy? Set a goal completion date, and help them monitor their financial progress along the way!

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