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Planning a Vacation on a Budget


Whether you’re taking a road trip or traveling abroad, there’s no need to surrender to high prices during your vacation. We’ve researched and come up with a list of tips to ensure that you stay within budget while living the good life. Continue reading to learn more!



Plan ahead. If you haven’t already done so, book your reservations as far in advance as possible to lock in the best prices. Some all-inclusive resorts and cruises will actually allow you to pay off your trip over a period of a few months to a year (if that would be better for your bank account). You’ll find that in-demand locations and resorts will soar in price during the summer months, so time is of the essence!




Look for daily deals. Sites and Apps like Groupon and Living Social will give you the best deals, in accordance with where you will be traveling! Be sure to check these sites before you embark on your road trip, as the best deals don’t last for long.




Pack Smart. Items like toothbrushes, hair dryers, Band-Aids and other necessities are often forgotten during the packing process. Avoid these unintended purchases by making a list of anything you could possibly need while on your trip, and be sure to bring it along. Follow these 15 tips on how to pack for a vacation like a pro!




Avoid restaurants near tourist attractions. Eateries that are located near tourist attractions are usually nothing more than a trap. With high prices and sub-par food, you can do much better! Simply drive or walk away from the main tourist destinations for lower prices and authentic quality food…especially when traveling abroad!




Be cautious of concierge recommendations. While hotel staff can provide some great tips, they are often compensated for sending tourists to specific places. This could potentially waste your time and cost you a lot of money. Be sure to ask the locals for recommendations on restaurants, attractions and events!

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