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5 Ideas for a Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – but that doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet on expensive gifts and a night out! Continue reading to learn five creative ways you can enjoy this holiday, on a budget…


Plan a dinner at home. Instead of spending $50+ at the restaurant…create the ambiance at home! Set the table with flowers and make one of these budget friendly Valentine’s themed dinners. Top it off with a nice dessert, and a romantic movie from Netflix or Hulu!




Take a hike. What’s more romantic than spending time in the great outdoors with the one you love? Reserve part of the evening to explore some of your favorite local, outdoor sites. Click here for a list of local hiking trails that are only a short drive away!




Give the gift of food. Instead of spending money on an expensive gift, try your hand at baking! Click here for a list of 19 Valentine’s Day dessert recipes your loved one will surely enjoy.




Trade in the TV for a trip down memory lane. Recreate one of the best dates you and your significant other had! Visit the restaurant where your first date took place, or even prepare the first meal you both shared! Spend the evening reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company, and be sure to avoid TV and social media.




Give a handwritten letter. Why spend money on a card and gift when you can give something as thoughtful as a handwritten letter, for free? Click here for some tips to help you craft the perfect letter to give to the one you love.

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