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Three Reasons to Put Purchases on Your Credit Card


Are you or someone you know afraid to use credit cards? Sure, these types of financial products come with a series of necessary cautions, but overall they are safe and can actually enhance your financial life. Continue reading to learn three reasons you should put purchases, big and small, on your credit card!



Your purchases are protected. A SeaComm Platinum Visa offers stronger fraud protection, with a team of professionals who are always working to safeguard your wallet. If you’ve noticed a questionable charge on your credit card statement, simply call SeaComm at (800) 764-0566 or visit any of our six branch locations! In addition, SeaComm offers emergency card replacement and the benefits of extensive VISA travel services! Click here to learn more.




You earn points and rewards. For every purchase you make with your SeaComm Visa platinum card, you’ll not only receive points for every purchase, but also gain access to an incredible lineup of limited time specials. Each month through May 2019, three lucky SeaComm VISA cardholders will win up to 100,000 bonus points on their card, and one lucky winner will earn $100 cash! In addition, you earn one entry into a cash drawing each time you use your SeaComm Visa. Click here to learn more, or call (800) 764-0566 to apply for a competitive rate Visa, today!


You build credit. Using your credit card to make purchases, big and small, will assist you in establishing and building a great credit score. Using your credit card responsibly and paying off incurred debt will ensure that you have a respectable score, making it easier to be granted a loan when the time comes!

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