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How to Pay For Your Next Vacation

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Thinking about taking a vacation this year but don’t have the funds to do so? Continue reading to discover 4 simple tips that will help you pay for your travels, responsibly!


Start a vacation fund. Make a plan to save in increments over a desired period of time. For example, if you would like to take a vacation in exactly one-year, and would like to save roughly $2,000 for vacation expenses…simply schedule a bi-weekly automatic transfer of $77 to your Regular Savings account! Whatever your financial goal is, a SeaComm Regular Savings is the no-frills option to help you achieve it. You’re given the convenience of payroll deduction or direct deposit, access to your account with an ATM or debit card, and even competitive dividend rates! Click here to learn more, or stop by any of our 6 convenient branch locations.


Plan ahead. You will likely find the best deals by booking your reservations and excursions as early as possible. Planning ahead will also allow you ample time to save up for vacation-related expenses, and you’ll feel at ease knowing that the important details of your trip are taken care of!


Try out a Club account. Make regular deposits through payroll deduction or at any time that works for you! With a SeaComm Club Account, your funds are locked until early October, allowing you the peace-of-mind in knowing that your funds will be used for their intended goal. However, you may make withdrawals at any time which will close the account. Click here to learn more!


Use the right credit card. If you choose to pay for your vacation through credit, it’s important to choose the best credit card for your lifestyle and needs. A SeaComm Platinum VISA doesn’t charge you annual fees, you have a 25-day interest free grace period on purchases, and you’re given free Travel Accident Insurance Coverage! You’ll also receive points for every purchase, and gain access to an incredible lineup of limited-time specials through SeaComm’s “Rewards On Repeat” sweepstakes! Click here to learn more, or call (800) 764-0566 to apply today.

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