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Tips for Making Your Car Last Longer


Cars are no longer intended to only help us get from point A to point B…they are our livelihood! We’ve put together three tips that will help you ensure a long life for your vehicle…continue reading to learn more!


Follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Every car may be different, but all require a set of upkeep’s that you can find in the owner’s manual. Don’t feel like reading the 150 page manual? Simply research your vehicle online…you’ll find tips and other specifics to help with the preservation, so it may last for years to come!


car shopping.jpg

Buy the right vehicle. It all starts with finding the perfect vehicle for your needs. If you have a lengthy commute to work, you’ll likely want a more compact vehicle that is economical when it comes to fuel consumption. If your commute isn’t far and you have a sizeable family, you might consider an SUV or Van. Whichever your lifestyle, you can find the perfect vehicle while using SeaComm’s online auto buying center – GarageGizmo! There, you’ll find a large catalog of vehicles all housed at local dealerships. You’re able to view both the interior and exterior of the car, learn about the specs, talk with the dealership directly and more! Click here to get started.


Find a great mechanic. Just like a doctor knows your body, a mechanic knows your vehicle. Today’s cars are basically computers on wheels, so instead of putting your trust in backyard mechanics or hobbyists, work with a specialist who you can trust with your vehicle (and your wallet!) Be sure to take your vehicle in for regular oil and fluid changes, inspections and routine maintenance.

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