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How to Spend Less at the Restaurant


Going out to eat is so much easier than cooking at home, even if you have to fork over more cash to do so. But you don’t have to pay more just because the food is being prepared for you! Continue reading to learn five tips that will help save money while you enjoy a meal at the restaurant.


Skip the appetizer. Don’t let the “eyes bigger than stomach” syndrome empty your wallet. Instead of letting your enthusiastic appetite get the best of you, enjoy a small snack at home before you go out to eat.

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Enjoy dessert at home. Just like appetizers, desserts are something you should skip when you’re out to dinner. They’re often overpriced, even for a small portion – so what you get isn’t worth what you pay! Save your dollars and enjoy ice cream or another sweet treat when you get home.


Read the receipt. Make sure that what you’ve been charged is exactly what you ordered. If you had taken advantage of a deal, coupon or special, make sure that the server has honored you with the advertised price. Also, some restaurants will insert a survey link at the bottom of each receipt, with a gift card or discount given out after completion of the survey. Set aside a few minutes of your time and take them up on the offer!


Order an appetizer as your main dish. Restaurant portion sizes are often larger than they should be – and this includes appetizers! Take advantage of the lower price and order an appetizer as your main dish, in lieu of an entrée.

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Follow their social media pages. Some (if not most) restaurants will advertise daily specials and offerings through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to ‘like’ and follow your favorite local restaurants to always be in-the-know!

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