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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Wallet


New Year’s resolutions are a great way to meet your goals while starting out on a clean slate. Continue reading to learn four financial resolutions you should make for 2019!


Boost your savings rate. Saving money can be hard, especially if you’re saving for retirement or a down payment on a home. But it’s important to keep your savings goals at the forefront of your mind. Remember to avoid savings’ withdrawals unless it’s completely necessary, and try to save more than you think you should going into the New Year.



Crack down on your spending. The key to saving more is to spend less! There are a few easy ways to curtail your spending; only go shopping when you need something, always make purchases with coupons, and give yourself a weekly/bi-weekly allowance. You should never go into debt for things you don’t absolutely need!



Optimize and consolidate your credit cards. Whether you’re trying to maximize rewards or minimize the cost of your debt, you should strongly consider consolidating your revolving credit lines into one convenient monthly payment. To speak with a SeaComm representative about a competitive-rate consolidation loan, call (315) 764-0566 or visit any one of our 6 branch locations!


Upgrade your savings account. You should always make sure that your savings account works for you, and not the other way around. SeaComm has a variety of savings options that are designed to fit your needs and help you meet your financial milestones; Regular Savings, Share Certificates, Club Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts and more! Click here to get started, or call us at (315) 764-0566.

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