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6 Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Stocking stuffers may only be a pre-cursor to the real gifts, but things can get expensive if you’re not careful! Continue reading to discover 6 fun stocking stuffer ideas that will allow you to stay within budget…

coffee and tea.jpg

Specialty teas or coffee. Who doesn’t love a caffeinated pick-me-up? Purchase an array of k-cups and assorted teas as your stocking stuffers, this holiday season!


Mini candles. You can find miniature jarred candles or even scented tea lights at your local dollar store. Why waste money on a name-brand candle, when these smell just as good?


Gourmet dip mixes. You can find a variety of mixes at your local department or grocery store. These are inexpensive and easy to prepare, as they typically require only one additional ingredient!


Slippers, essential oils and other “relaxation” items. Give the gift of serenity! Fill your stockings with inexpensive aromatherapy items, or other stress relievers…your family and loved ones will surely appreciate it, as will your wallet.


Visa Gift Card. When in doubt…give the gift of money! Here at SeaComm, you can purchase Prepaid Visa Gift Cards for everyone on your list. It’s both convenient and flexible, and can be loaded with any amount from $10 to $500! Stop by your local SeaComm branch and choose from a variety of card designs!

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Baked goods. The gift of sweet treats is sure to satisfy your family and loved ones. Click here for a list of simple holiday cookie recipes that can all be prepared for under five dollars!

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