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5 Frugal Things I’ve Done Lately


The holiday season is a busy (and expensive) time. You might not be prioritizing your frugal lifestyle, but instead giving-in to the madness. Continue reading to learn the five frugal things I’ve done lately…with hopes of inspiring you to do the same!


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I purchased holiday gifts on Cyber Monday. In an effort to avoid the mad rush of Black Friday but also maintain a “good deal,” I took advantage of the sales that took place the following Monday. By doing so, I saved nearly $150 on gifts for over 5 people! Don’t fret, the deals aren’t all gone! Make sure to check your favorite online retailers, as most will still advertise seasonal deals. If you order quickly, you’ll surely receive your orders by the holidays.


I planned ahead. As a host for Thanksgiving dinner (and what is soon to be Christmas dinner,) I made a list of everything and anything I would need to make this meal a success. I cut coupons, waited for the best deal, and even invited my guests to bring a dish of their own to take a bit of the weight off my shoulders. There’s nothing wrong with potluck style meals, as they undoubtedly save you time and money…click here for some great holiday-potluck dinner ideas!

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I took advantage of Small Business Saturday. While Cyber Monday is great, Small Business Saturday is even better! By supporting my local businesses (and getting some holiday shopping out of the way,) I was still able to score some amazing deals. Don’t forget about the small businesses in your area, this holiday season! As mom-and-pop stores, there is a greater chance that you’ll be able to exercise your frugal-mind and get a better deal on the purchases you make, simply by asking “is there any deal you can offer me?”


mobile banking.jpg

I used the new SeaComm Mobile Branch 4.0 to track my holiday spending. Let’s be honest – holiday shopping can get out of hand. With SeaComm’s new and convenient Mobile 4.0 app, I’m able to view my spending patterns, transfer money when needed, make payments using bill pay, and even set up text banking and alerts! To get started with these new benefits of SeaComm Mobile Branch, click here.



I got creative with leftovers. Following Thanksgiving dinner, the refrigerator typically looks like a war-zone…but there is potential there! Whenever you prepare a large meal for family and friends, don’t be in such a rush to give it all away to your guests. Keep any leftovers that you might be able to recreate into a delicious meal. Click here to read our blog post on repurposing leftovers after a holiday dinner!

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