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4 Ways to Save Money This Winter

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Winter is a good time to stock up the cash in your wallet. Continue reading to learn 4 simple ways you can stay within budget (and save) this season!



Lower the thermostat whenever you’re not at home. Why bother heating your home if you’re not there to enjoy it? Turning the heat down whenever you leave (or even when you’re sleeping at night) can slash a great deal of money off your bill each month, give it a try!



Take advantage of SeaComm’s Enhanced Loyalty Rewards Program. SeaComm has recently introduced the Enhanced Loyalty Rewards Program, which is designed to help you earn more on Certificate of Deposits and Fixed IRAs. By meeting certain criteria, you can earn additional basis points and be rewarded for the number of SeaComm services you take advantage of, as well as your length of membership. Veterans are even rewarded with an additional .15 basis points! Call SeaComm at (800) 764-0566 or visit one of our 6 branch locations to learn how much your rate can increase!


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Only heat the rooms you use. Don’t waste heat by warming up the rooms you don’t use. Simply close the heating vents in these rooms, as well as the door. You’ll then be able to preserve the heat better, especially on those cold winter days we are all too familiar with.



Make your own gifts instead of buying them from the store. DIY gifts aren’t just less expensive, they are more personal and one of a kind! Click here for a list of simple, homemade gifts you can give out this holiday season.

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