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Top 5 Cyber Monday Tricks


Cyber Monday comes on the heels of Black Friday, but can be just as efficient when it comes to scoring a great deal! Continue reading to discover the five best tips to help you stretch your dollar this upcoming Monday.


Look at previous years’ sales for guidance. Retailers almost always repeat the same (or similar) deals. If they haven’t already announced these deals, look back a few years and you’ll get a better idea. This day is also the perfect second-chance to get those Black Friday deals you missed!


Bookmark your favorite retailers’ websites. On this specific day, retailers’ websites have been known to “crash” from an overload of online shoppers. If there are important purchases you’d like to make (and get an amazing deal on) then bookmark the necessary sites, and be prepared to click away!


Keep up with retailers on social media. Some deals will be announced almost exclusively on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) If you follow your favorite retailers on these channels, you’ll be kept up to date on all of the goings on for Cyber Monday.



Make a list of your desired items, and stick to it! Technically, you’re only saving money if you stick to the list of items you were going to purchase anyway. If you stray from your list, you’ll end up emptying your wallet on the variety of items that are bound to go on sale once the clock strikes midnight.



Be “in the know” when it comes to return policies and fees. Cyber Monday shopping can save you a great deal of money, but at times there are strict policies when it comes to returning items that don’t appear as advertised. Be sure to read the fine print (and reviews!) whenever you purchase anything online, especially on the busiest online-shopping day of the year.


In conclusion…be prepared, stick to your list, read the fine print, and remember to practice safe shopping techniques when ordering anything online. Click here to read our recent blog post, which details some secure holiday shopping tips!

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