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Your Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Guide


Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on what you’re grateful for, spending time with family, and staying within budget while preparing the biggest meal of the year! Continue reading to learn 6 simple tips that will help you celebrate this holiday without emptying your wallet.



Buy store-brand frozen turkey. Your guests won’t notice any difference between a more expensive, name-brand turkey, compared to the frozen, generic brand. When shopping around and comparing prices, you’ll notice that frozen turkeys are significantly cheaper. As long as you allow yourself several days to defrost it, this is a great option for your wallet! As always, plan and shop ahead for the best deals.

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Don’t be afraid to think inside the can. Sure, “fresh” sounds better…but it can be much more expensive. When it comes to dishes like pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, green beans, corn and more – buying the canned option can save you a great deal of money.



Share the cost. Instead of making this holiday a one-person show, invite your family and/or friends to pitch in! If everyone brings a dish to pass, it will cut down on preparation time as well as your food bill! Click here for a variety of simple, Thanksgiving potluck recipes.



Go easy on the decorations. There’s really no need to spend much money on decorations. But if you are (like me,) enthusiastic about a decorated table…visit your local dollar store, where you will find a variety of harvest-themed trinkets and table pieces for only $1 per unit!




Set a budget – and stick to it! The average household cost of an American Thanksgiving dinner is $50, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. This includes stuffing, breads, side dishes, desserts, and of course the turkey. While $50 might not seem like much to invest in a Thanksgiving meal, it’s still important to set a budget for yourself. Without a setting a limit, you might find yourself exceeding the standard $50 and blowing your budget out of the park! Remember to use coupons, buy generic when possible, and compare prices.







Remember what the holiday is truly about. This is a time to celebrate unity, togetherness, and giving thanks. No one is going to remember next year if you served the most expensive turkey, or had a lavishly decorated table. They are going to remember that you spent this special day together, as family and friends!

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