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Three Biggest Myths About Credit Unions

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Credit unions, like SeaComm, have become increasingly popular. But there are still a few misconceptions about how they work and what they offer. Here are three myths about credit unions, debunked!


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Myth #1: Credit unions strictly limit membership. Contrary to popular belief, it’s quite easy to become a member of a credit union. A SeaComm member can be anyone who lives, works, (or regularly conducts business in), worships or attends school in, or businesses and other legal entities located in St. Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton, Essex Counties, New York and Grand isle, Chittenden and Franklin Counties, Vermont.


The process of joining can be completed in just a few steps: fill out a membership application at any SeaComm location or online, and deposit $5 to a Regular Share Savings Account. You’ll then be able to take advantage of the many benefits of a credit union membership! You can even open an account from the convenience of your home or office…click here to get started!



Myth #2: Credit unions have fewer locations. This myth is just that – a myth. The credit union movement is stronger than ever, allowing credit unions to expand their services and many benefits to new members across the country. With branch locations in Massena, Potsdam, Malone, Canton, Ogdensburg and Plattsburgh…SeaComm is expanding, yet again! Soon, SeaComm will be opening branches in Grand Isle, Chittenden and Franklin Counties, Vermont! With these upcoming growth opportunities, SeaComm hopes to pave the way for financial convenience in the North Country and Vermont for many years to come.


In an effort to accommodate members who are traveling or might not have regular access to SeaComm branch locations and ATMs, SeaComm has partnered with CO-OP ATMs and Shared Branches. CO-OP is a network of nearly 30,000 ATMs and 5,000+ credit union branches that allow SeaComm members to have direct, surcharge-free access to their money at credit unions and ATMs across the country! Simply download the CO-OP app, and you’ll find a listing of participating ATMs and Shared Branches near you, where you can conveniently access your SeaComm accounts. To learn more and download the app, click here!

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Myth #3: Credit unions aren’t as tech-savvy as banks. Quite the contrary – credit unions in 2018 are staying on top of the latest developments in finance and technology. Most recently, SeaComm introduced a new mobile wallet app – SeaComm Pay. This new app is a real-time mobile spending wallet that allows you to quickly and conveniently stay connected to your finances, check balances, receive alerts, and stay secure with on/off controls. To get started – click here!

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In addition, SeaComm has released a new and improved version of the Mobile Branch app, giving members added convenience and security, with fingerprint and facial recognition, as well as person-to-person pay and SMS banking. Click here to learn more!

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