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Five Cheap Halloween Candy Alternatives


Halloween is fast approaching. Instead of burning through your wallet on candy, consider these five budget-friendly alternatives for your trick-or-treaters…



Halloween pencils. Children go through pencils quickly! Purchase a dozen packs of Halloween-themed pencils at your local dollar store for less than $15, instead of forking out over $50 in candy.


 glow in the dark.jpg

Glow in the dark bracelets. Your trick-or-treaters will love these bracelets as they brighten up the streets. Prices may vary, but you are sure to find an excellent deal at your local dollar store.




vampire fangs.jpg

Plastic vampire fangs. These cheap but fun costume add-ons are a hit with children. Purchasing these in bulk, rather than multiple bags of candy, will save you a great deal of money this Halloween.



Halloween stickers. Stickers are always a favorite among trick-or-treaters. Even better – they can be purchased for an incredible price at your local dollar store.



pretzels popcorn.jpg

Pretzels or popcorn. Instead of expensive, name-brand candy, consider miniature bags of pretzels or popcorn balls. These goodies can be purchased at your local dollar or bulk store!



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