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6 Tips for Inexpensive Halloween Fun


Consumers spend an unbelievable amount of money on Halloween, which includes decorations, candy, costumes and other festivities. But having a shoestring budget shouldn’t take away all the fun. Continue reading to discover 6 simple tips that will allow you and your family to enjoy Halloween on a budget!


Get creative with costumes. Instead of emptying your wallet on extravagant costumes for you and your family, check your closets to see what you already have! You would be surprised with how many fun costume ideas you can come up with, from vintage clothes, bed sheets, sportswear and accessories. Click here for a list of last-minute Halloween costumes you can quickly DIY!




Participate in free, local activities. Not sure what your Halloween plans are going to be? Check your local newspapers and social media for free (or inexpensive) events held in your town.




Purchase off-brand candy for your trick-or-treaters. Don’t waste money on name-brand candy when you can purchase generic brands for a fraction of the price. Nobody will notice the difference, and you might save a significant amount of money depending on how many trick-or-treaters show up at your door!




Take a stroll around your neighborhood. Admiring your neighbors’ décor is free, and a fun way to ring in this festive holiday! Grab your flashlights and enjoy a ghoulish evening as you walk around the neighborhood with your family.




Host a potluck celebration with friends and family. Get dressed up, watch scary movies, and ask everyone to bring a dish to pass. Who said you can’t have a party on a budget? Click here for more cheap Halloween celebration ideas!




Start saving for next Halloween, on November 1st! The day after Halloween, decorations, costumes and other themed items will go on sale. Be sure to snag a large supply for less than half the price, so you can be extra festive (on a budget) next year!

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