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6 Ways to Save Money at the Restaurant


Continue reading to learn simple tips that will help you cut restaurant costs, and dine out on a budget!


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Purchase discounted gift cards or gift certificates. Websites and apps like, Groupon and LivingSocial offer a variety of dining deals, all at a discounted price! While these deals are typically exclusive to chain restaurants, you may get lucky and find one for a small, local restaurant.




Dine during off-hours. Select a restaurant with lunch or early-bird specials. Some restaurants also offer specials on slower weekdays – like Tuesday or Wednesday!



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Check social media for discounts. A variety of eateries will share discounts with their loyal social media followers. Social media is also the primary way you’ll learn of restaurant deals and events… so be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for discounts and freebies at your favorite places to eat!




Avoid overpriced drinks. This is how they “get” you. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and even coffee are significantly marked up in price at restaurants. Consider asking for water and enjoying your drink of choice at home!




Subscribe to email lists. Some of your favorite restaurants will reward you for becoming a part of their email chain! You’ll receive points, discounts, or even free appetizers and desserts. Keep this in mind the next time you go out to eat, and even ask the hostess or waiter about any additional offers – it can’t hurt!




Earn points or cash back. If you’re unable to find the right discount or deal, you should at least be able to earn rewards for your purchase of a meal! Shopping with your SeaComm Visa Platinum will enable you to earn points and cash back with every dollar spent. Through May 2019, you’ll not only receive points for every purchase, but also gain access to an incredible lineup of limited-time specials with “2018 Rewards-On-Repeat!” 175,000 bonus points and $100 cash are being given away each month – click here to learn how you can enter!

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