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5 Bad Money Habits to Break Away From


Being financially prepared for life’s unexpected events isn’t always easy, especially when you are making money mistakes you aren’t aware of! Continue reading to learn the 5 bad money habits you should break away from, and simple tips to help you get on track.


Paying bills late. Ignoring bills, big or small, can result in late fees and even negative impacts on your credit score. In order to avoid late payments, maintain a handwritten or mobile schedule that details the due date, amount, and payee. You can even utilize SeaComm’s FREE Online Bill Payment Service, which allows you to pay anyone in the United States, either by check or Electronic Funds Transfer…click here to get started!

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Paying for things you don’t use. This can include streaming services, club memberships, or even newspaper and magazine publications. Perform a self-audit of all your regular monthly/annual charges, and get rid of those that have become irrelevant.


Not saving for retirement. If you have a habit of putting off retirement saving until later, you could find yourself in a financial predicament when it comes time to dip into your retirement funds. But it’s never too late to start! Talk with a SeaComm representative today about opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and build your nest egg! Give us a call at (800) 764-0566, or stop by any of our 6 branch locations.


Mindless spending. Do you ever go shopping out of boredom? This can be extremely harmful to your wallet. In an effort to stay within budget and avoid impulse purchases, you should always enter stores with a specific purchase in mind, and stick to your plan!


Paying monthly fees for a checking account. These monthly fees and transactional charges for checking accounts can add up over time. Consider opening a FREE SeaComm Checking Account, where you can avoid those irritating monthly fees and per item charges. Click here to get started!

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