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5 Budget-Friendly Fall Cleanup Tips


Autumn doesn’t only mean warm sweaters and pumpkin spice – it’s also your last chance for a cleanup before the snow begins to set in! Continue reading to learn 5 inexpensive ways you can finish your fall cleanup on a budget.


Clean up debris throughout your yard. Piles of leaves and other forms of debris are the perfect nests for pests to hideout throughout the winter. After the leaves have fallen, it’s important that you clean them up and discard them.




Feed the lawn. The best way to help your yard survive the long, cold North Country Winter? Nutrients! Add a cheap lawn fertilizer with high phosphorous content to help encourage root growth, which will promote a lush, green lawn come spring.


Clean out the gutters. Before the snow begins to fall, give your gutters a substantial cleaning. This is the necessary time to check for proper drainage, clear out blockages, and rinse with a hose. You should also repair any cracks in the gutters, as a harsh winter will only make it worse!

cover shrubs.jpg

Protect your temperature-sensitive plants and shrubs. An inexpensive and effective way to winterize plants is to add mulch to the base, and wrap the plants in cloth barriers. These additional layers of insulation will help the plants to thrive after a freezing cold winter. For smaller plants – it’s a good idea to pot them and set them inside for the season, and replant them when the ground thaws. Click here for more garden-winterizing “must dos.”


Clean your tools and store them away. If tools are accidentally left outside when it’s raining or snowing, they will rust and become useless. It’s important to make sure that your tools are protected from extreme weather, as they can be expensive to replace!

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