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5 Simple Ways to Save on Food Purchases

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Have you noticed how much of your budget you spend on groceries and dining out? Food tends to be a significant expense for most families and households, but there are a variety of ways to make it more affordable. Continue reading to discover 5 simple ways you can save money on food purchases!

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Plan out your meals. If you know what you will be making for meals throughout the week, you will know what you need to purchase. This meal prep will make it easier for you to avoid impulse buys during your visit to the grocery store!


Only buy what you need. One of the biggest problems for your wallet can be an oversized purchase, when it’s really not necessary. Buying in bulk can save you money from time to time, but it should only be for food items that are popular in your household, and have a generous expiration date; cereal, oatmeal, spices, soups, olive or cooking oils, and pastas.


Share a meal when dining out. Restaurant portions are typically twice the size of a recommended serving, so why not share? Not only will this be good for your waistline, but it’s also beneficial for your wallet!

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Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Letting your appetite do the shopping can be harmful to your budget! Always be sure that your visits to the grocery store are not controlled by your cravings. Have a meal before you go, or bring a snack along with you – then you’ll make wiser choices!


Always shop and dine with a budget in mind. Whether you are grocery shopping or having a night out with your family, have a “figure” in mind that you would either prefer not to exceed. Keep this in mind when walking throughout the grocery store and observing prices, and also when looking over the menu at a restaurant.

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