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5 Low-Cost Ways to Help Keep Your Family Organized


Summer is coming to a close, which means back-to-school season is upon us. Help your family get organized during this busy time of year with these 5 low-cost tips!


Use a master calendar. It’s important to be able to take a step back and look at your entire family’s schedule. What better way to do that than to sync your calendars? Keep this master calendar in a central location, where everyone in the house can use it as a reference to help them stay organized and on time!


Keep a well-replenished supply bin. This can include anything from pens, paper, envelopes, stamps, notepads, Post-its, erasers, or even markers and crayons. Having a spare supply of these items will save you from having to make last minute trips to the store. You can add to this supply whenever you come across deals on school or office supplies!

meal prep.jpg

Meal prep for the entire house. Instead of scrambling in the morning to prepare both breakfast and lunch for the day, do it the night before (or even a few days ahead of time.) When you prepare dinner, consider making more than enough, and use the leftovers as a prepared lunch for the entire family. Depending on how much you make, these leftovers could last you 1-3 days, saving you both time and money!


Set a designated weekly cleanup. Have your entire family working as a team to organize papers, mail, and school work. You can also reserve this time to gather laundry that needs to be done, floors that need to be swept, and beds that need to be changed. It might seem like a lot to do at once, but there is power in numbers!




Prepare for the day ahead. Before you (and anyone else in your family) goes to bed, you should consider laying out your clothes for the following day, as well as accessories, devices and other needed items. Give yourself and your children enough time in the morning to mentally prepare for the day ahead, instead of having to rush and risk being late for work or school.

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