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Cutting Carbs? Try these 7 Budget-Friendly Dishes


It’s not always easy to prepare nightly meals at home while on a budget. It’s even more difficult when you try to incorporate a low-carb diet. Through our research, we’ve found 7 simple, low-carb recipes that will allow you to stay within budget, courtesy of Diet Doctor! Continue reading and get cooking!



Keto frittata with fresh spinach. This low-carb dish is delicious and impressive, but also one that is surprisingly simple to make! A blend of spinach, eggs, and your choice of sausage, chorizo or bacon…click here for the full recipe and directions!

eggplant pizza.jpg

Low-carb eggplant pizza. With an eggplant crust, this pizza provides all the flavors without the carbs. The best part? You can enjoy this meal for under $10! Click here for the full recipe.


Keto tuna casserole. Get rid of the noodles and replace them with celery, onions and peppers. To try this tasty recipe, click here!

cauliflower cheese.jpg

Low-carb cauliflower cheese. This healthier take on macaroni and cheese is simple to prepare, and the ingredients can be purchased for less than $7! Click here for the recipe.


Zucchini salad. Substitute the potatoes for veggies with this low-carb makeover. It still has all of the creamy flavor, without the carbs. You can prepare this dish for under $5 – click here for the full recipe!

baked eggs.jpg

Low-carb baked eggs. This hearty meal is a tasty blend of eggs, beef and cheese. You can enjoy it at any time of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner! Click here for the recipe and directions.

creamed cabbage.jpg

Creamed green cabbage. Similar to a pasta side-dish, this is easy, soft and goes with everything. With just four main ingredients, you can prepare this dish for under $7! Click here to get started.

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