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Four Creative Ways to Build Your Savings


Saving money isn’t always easy, but it’s a necessary part of life. Check out our list of four creative ways you can build a substantial savings!


Save up your pennies. Find a large plastic container, or even re-purpose a large water cooler jug, and put all of your spare change inside of it each day. If you are diligent with this after a few months, you could end up with well-over one hundred dollars to deposit in your savings. As a SeaComm member, you are able to use the SeaCoin machines to redeem your change for cash, at no charge to you! You can find the SeaCoin machines at all SeaComm locations, click here to find the nearest one to you.


Practice Extreme Couponing. This trend of couponing doesn’t seem to be going away – for good reason. If you are dedicated, you could potentially pay for the majority of your groceries with coupons. It’s important to scope out newspapers, grocery store coupon booklets, and even the websites of your preferred stores. After each trip to the store, calculate how much you saved by using the coupons, and make it a point to deposit the difference into your savings account! Click here for some more tips to help you become a pro at couponing.

 second job.jpg

Moonlighting. If you really want to build your savings, consider “moonlighting,” which means to take on a second job. This doesn’t need to be for 20 hours per week, rather, it could just be a few hours here and there. To make sure that you’re diligent with the money you’ve earned, consider setting up direct deposit to your savings account, which will automatically deposit the money you’ve earned once you receive it. Click here for a list of possible Moonlighting opportunities!


Carpool with colleagues. You may or may not realize it…but the cost of gas and wear/tear on your vehicle really adds up over time. In an effort to save money and apply more to your savings, inquire with your colleagues about starting a carpooling club. This club would be a rotation of you and your colleagues each taking turns driving to work. Depending on how many participants, you could end up cutting your annual commuting costs to less than half of what you would normally spend on gas and maintenance.

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