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3 Tips to Help You Find a Reliable Used Vehicle

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Do you need a new car but have a specific budget? Buying a used car can be the best way to stretch your dollar. When you consider that after one year, a new car on average depreciates 27 percent from its sticker price; after three years, it’s worth about half. But there are certain methods one should practice when searching for the ideal used vehicle. Continue reading to learn 3 important tips to follow during your search.


Visit GarageGizmo. A great place to start doing some research for a used vehicle is on an Online Auto Buying Center, like GarageGizmo. You’ll be able to learn about what options are available in your area, as well as price range. GarageGizmo will allow you to view the location, mileage, price, make, model, body, year, and more. When researching potential used vehicles, it’s important to make notes about the vehicles you find, making it easier for you to compare and contrast. GarageGizmo will even allow you to save vehicles to your virtual “Garage,” so that you can easily locate them later! To begin your search with the help of GarageGizmo, click here.

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Review Consumer Reports. Each year there are various consumer reports released, which will provide details about the best new and used vehicles. These reports will help to lead you through the used car buying experience, by providing essential information you need to choose a used car with a good reliability history. You can narrow down your selection of vehicles by learning what vehicles fair better over time, types of mechanical issues you might experience with each vehicle, as well as recommendations for best vehicle in each category. To access the most recent Consumer Reports on vehicles, click here.

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Get a Car Fax Report. Once you have determined the vehicle you would like to purchase, it’s highly recommended that you review the vehicle’s Car Fax Report. This report is a summary of the vehicle’s history, including; accidents, major mechanical repairs, recall information, and warranty issues. Instead of paying the typical $40 fee to access a Car Fax report, you can view them for free as a user of GarageGizmo! Click here to get started.



It’s important to know what to look for when searching for a reliable used vehicle. Use all your available resources, like GarageGizmo, Consumer Reports and Car Fax. If you don’t take the time to do the proper research, you might end up with a used vehicle that costs you stress and money, rather than one that gets you from place to place.

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