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5 Ways Going Green Saves You Money


Recycling and conserving are great ways to not only help keep the earth clean – but also to save money in the process. Continue reading to discover five simple ways you can help the environment and your wallet.



Recycle bottles, cans and containers at the redemption center. Instead of throwing these things in the garbage – recycle them at your local bottle redemption facility, and receive cash! The money you’ll earn for each glass, aluminum and plastic container ranges from 2 to 15 cents each.


Instead of throwing away old clothes, sell them. If you have recently cleaned out your closet (or are planning to do so,) now is the perfect time to consider selling any of your lightly used clothing at your own garage sale. Here are some tips for having a successful garage sale!


Make compost. If you enjoy gardening or keeping potted herbs inside your home, then making your own compost is a great way to save money. Some compostable items include: fruits and vegetables, crushed egg shells, pine needles and garden clippings. These items can be composted and will therefore provide additional nutrients to the soil you use for gardening or planting an indoor herb garden. Click here for simple tips to help you create a successful compost!


Purchase eBooks, instead of printed books. Opt for the electronic versions of all your reading materials, while saving paper and enjoying a discounted price. Before you throw away any old books or magazines, consider selling them or donating them to your local public library!


Sign up for e-Statements. Switching from mailed, paper statements to e-statements will decrease your risk of identity theft and provide you with a view your statements online – safer, faster and more convenient. This will allow you to view all of your account(s) activity sooner, helping you to identify any discrepancies and having those resolved in a timely manner. In order to enroll, you must go through NetTeller™, SeaComm’s online solution. When you have signed in, select e-Statements on the top banner and follow the online instructions. Once you have successfully completed enrollment, you will receive a confirmation notice.

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