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What are the Benefits of a Free Checking Account with SeaComm?


A SeaComm Checking account is one of the best-kept secrets in the North Country – but why? Continue reading to learn the 4 great benefits of having a Free Checking account with SeaComm!




There are no per item charges or monthly fees. This means that as you use your SeaComm Visa Debit Card to make point-of-sale purchases, you won’t have to worry about incurring fees with each purchase. In addition, you won’t be charged a monthly fee to enjoy the convenience of a SeaComm Checking account.

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You can check your balance 24/7 with NetTeller™. All SeaComm members have the ability to access their accounts from the comfort of their computer, tablet or mobile device. You can also order checks, pay your bills, apply for a loan, access your VISA card information and pick up your electronic monthly statement. Not activated to NetTeller™? Our Call Center representatives can help you with that! Give us a call at 315-764-0566.


You have the convenience of Mobile Deposit Capture and Direct Deposit. Instead of having to visit the nearest SeaComm branch to deposit your checks – you can deposit them automatically from your phone, with Mobile Deposit Capture. Simply download the SeaComm app, take a photo of the front and back of the check, and select the account you wish the funds to be deposited to! To learn more about Mobile Deposit Capture, click here! Upon opening an account with SeaComm, you can also enroll in Direct Deposit. This helpful feature will allow you the convenience of having your paychecks automatically deposited to the account of your choice.

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There is no minimum balance requirement. You can have peace of mind in knowing that if the funds in your checking account dip lower than normal, you won’t experience hidden fees and charges for falling under a minimum balance. While some banks and financial institutions profit off of these miscellaneous fees charged to their customers, SeaComm takes pride in being a not for profit institution with a goal of delivering top-notch, trustworthy financial services to its membership.

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