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5 Wastes of Money You Don’t Think About


There are a variety of things you could be doing differently to save money. Through our research, we have found 5 wastes of money you might not even be thinking about. Continue reading to learn more.


Buying name brand products. Items such as food, skincare, and over the counter medicine should always be purchased by the generic brand – before you even glance at the name brand. Practicing generic shopping habits can save you hundreds of dollars each year, while the quality of the products remain similar or the same.


Purchasing a snack or drink at the gas station. Your on-the-go purchases, which are typically made at gas stations and convenient stores, can really add up. Items are typically more expensive at these types of stores because they are charging for the convenience of the location. In order to avoid these purchases in the future, be sure to pack a supply of water, snacks and other necessities in your vehicle.


Grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Doing your grocery shopping on an empty stomach can be detrimental to your wallet. The saying “…eyes are bigger than your stomach” directly applies here, as your hunger can fool you into purchasing more than necessary. Keep this in mind as you’re shopping, and try to avoid overindulgent purchases as you peruse through the aisles.

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Paying a mechanic for simple car repairs. You don’t have to be a licensed mechanic to perform simple maintenance repairs to your vehicle. This includes changing the oil, refilling fluids, replacing windshield wipers and more. Click here for a list of simple car repairs, you can take care of, yourself!


Funding a trip out of your checking account. Instead of paying for travel expenses and purchases with the funds from your checking account, consider using your SeaComm VISA Platinum Points, instead! The Platinum VISA allows you to earn points with every card purchase. You can then use your points to purchase airline and travel services, quality merchandise, or even redeem your points for cash back. Click here to learn more!

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