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7 Cheap Ways to Stay Cool During a Heatwave


Keeping cool when temperatures reach record highs isn’t just about comfort. If you don’t have a pool or a robust air conditioner, you might find it difficult to stay in the house during a heatwave. Continue reading for 7 inexpensive ways to help you beat this heat.


Eliminate extra sources of heat. Light bulbs, computers or appliances left running can generate unnecessary heat. Be sure to shut all electronics and appliances off when they are not in use.


Stay hydrated. This is one of the best (and most important) ways to stay cool. Be sure to keep a cold water bottle at your side throughout the day. If you get bored with plain water, try infusing it with fruit slices!


Shut out the sunlight. Keep blinds and curtains closed throughout the day as a preventative measure to stop the rooms in your house from overheating through greenhouse effect.


Keep your feet cool. There are numerous pulse points in and around your feet and ankles. Try soaking your feet in an ice bucket, which will help to lower your body temperature.


Close off unused rooms. If you only have one cooling unit in your home, it’s important to isolate the rooms that are not in use. This will preserve any cool air to the open areas of the house you frequently use.


Avoid caffeine and heavy meals. Coffee, soda and heavy meals will dehydrate you and make your body work overtime. On particularly hot days, try eating fruit, veggies, and replace red meat with fish.


Dress in breathable clothing. Materials made from cotton will help to absorb sweat from the body and keep you cooler throughout the day, whereas synthetic fabrics will constrict airflow and hold the heat close to your skin.


Head to the beach. There’s no better way to cool down than a day of swimming. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water.

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